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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)? 

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a visual communication service. 

It allows people who are Deaf to communicate with people who are hearing using an interpreter who is not in the same location. 

VRI is useful when: 

  • there are no available interpreters to attend on-site

  • circumstances require one or more participants at the appointment or meeting to be located elsewhere

  • if onsite/face to face appointments are not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions  


How Does It Work?

NABS uses a range of software tools to remotely connect interpreters to businesses (including Facetime, Skype, Zoom and more).

If you have a preferred program or app, please advise NABS at time of booking.

  • During the appointment, as the hearing person speaks, the interpreter signs everything that is said to a web camera.

Depending on the type of appointment, it may not be necessary for the hearing person to be in video, as long as the interpreter hears the hearing person fine. 

  • When the Deaf person replies via the web camera, the interpreter sees and voices what is being signed. 

The Deaf person needs ample space around them to sign. The Deaf person will advise what works best for them. 

  • Both the hearing and Deaf person can converse back and forth, just as if the interpreter was in the same room.


What Does My Practice Need?

  • A device (e.g. computer, tablet or smartphone) with a web camera and working microphone and speakers

  • Stable internet connection

  • Access to software tool to enable video (e.g. Facetime, Skype, Zoom).


Facetime, Skype, Skype for Business* - you require a username (to be given to NABS so they can provide to the interpreter; NABS will also give you the interpreter's username) and at the time of meeting, simply hit the video call button to connect. 

Zoom, TeleHealth Systems and other - these apps do not require usernames, however you would need to create the meeting. The link will need to be emailed to NABS to pass onto the interpreter. 


*Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams may require permission to be granted by IT to let users outside the organisation to connect. 


Got Questions? 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss further. 


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