Video Relay Interpreting

Interpreter Claimable Expenses Form

Submission of Interpreter Claimable Expenses Form is required for all claimable expenses.

Interpreter Payment Request Form is not required.



Instructions - two-step process


1. Email Expense Incurred within 24 hours of Appointment Start Date/Time

Interpreters must email within 24 hours of appointment if claimable expenses apply. 


Notification to include appointment number, expense type (e.g. tolls, parking), $ amount. 

Do not attach receipt or toll extract to your email.


2. Submit Interpreter Claimable Expenses Form 

Interpreters must submit Interpreter Claimable Expenses Form within five (5) calendar days of appointment. Ensure each proof of expense clearly indicates relevant appointment number.


You can submit up to three (3) individual claimable expenses on each Form.


If you have any questions, please email


Click here for Interpreter Pay Dates - 2022


Interpreter Full Name:


Claimable Expense 1

If other expenses, please specify

Enter your email address to receive automated copy of this form for your financial records

By submitting this/these claimable expense/s, I Agree I interpreted at the stated appointment/s on the said date/s assigned by NABS/NICSS and I completed assignment/s in the confirmed timeframe/s. Services rendered in accordance with 'NABS/NICSS Conditions of Engagement for Interpreters'.

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