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NABS is the National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service. 

We provide interpreters to Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people who use sign language. 


Over 65 years of age - for GP, specialists and specified health consultations 

NABS is free to people who are over 65 years old and don't have NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

- GP and specialists

- Podiatry 

- Optometry

- and more, ask us.


Under 65 with NDIS plans - for any appointment including healthcare   

If you have NDIS, NABS can provide Auslan interpreting from your NDIS plan. We can book for any appointment type including health appointments, employment, accountant, gym, puppy school, vet, church services, etc. 


Under 65 and not eligible for NDIS

If you are under 65 and can't get NDIS (not eligible), NABS can't provide free Auslan interpreting.  NABS can provide interpreting but you pay.


Services include:

  • Face to face interpreting (onsite)

  • Video Remote Interpreting (online)


For more information on NABS and NDIS, visit our NDIS page.


Interpreters can be for Deaf adults and Deaf children.

  • Deaf parents with hearing children

  • Deaf children with hearing adults (click here to see NABS Duty of Care)


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