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Deaf Community learn important facts about Asthma

Posted by Communications@NABS on 15 May 2013
Deaf Community learn important facts about Asthma

On the 8th of May, the Asthma Foundation Queensland provided a free community presentation specially targeted for the Deaf Community. NABS were happy to provide an Auslan interpreter to ensure every member in the audience understood the important information and were able to ask questions.

The presentation was highly successful. The presenter, Alicia from the Asthma Foundation provided a highly in depth discussion on the signs to watch for Asthma, medication used by Asthma sufferers, how to take them properly and what to do if someone is having asthma attack.

She gave demonstrations and brought along many props and visual aids to make the presentation as comprehensive as possible.

Those who attended found all of the information very useful and were able to take home more information to learn more about Asthma.

This was the first presentation if it’s kind and NABS hopes to be able to partner with other Health Care groups and organisations in future. If you have any suggestions about what kind of information you would like to know, let the communications team at NABS know.

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