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Booking an Interpreter is easy

You or your health care provider can book an interpreter. It's easy. 

Online Book An Interpreter Form OR

Book An Interpreter Form PDF (for use by Deaf Clients) - print and fax/email to NABS

Book An Interpreter Form PDF  (for use by Health Care Practices) - print and fax/email to NABS

What NABS will do

In consultation with Deaf consumers, NABS will make all reasonable efforts to provide an interpreter based on your particular needs, local availability and cost.

What can you do If NABS can't book an Interpreter?

  • Change your appointment for a day/time when an interpreter is available

  • Cancel the interpreter booking request

What do you do if you or your Health Care Provider cancels or changes your appointment?

Tell NABS immediately and NABS will make sure you, the interpreter and the health care provider know about the cancellation or change.

NABS only employs accredited Interpreters

NABS only employs NAATI accredited interpreters who are Paraprofessional (Level 2) or Professional (Level 3).  NABS interpreters will have some experience interpreting in health care situations.  NABS provides ongoing training in medical interpreting for all our interpreters. 
Click here to find out more about NABS interpreters

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