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NABS Duty Of Care

When NABS supplies interpreting services for children both NABS and NABS interpreters follow these rules:

  • A child is any person under the age of 18 years

  • NABS and NABS interpreters are not responsible for what the medical or health care provider tells you

  • NABS interpreters should not be considered to be "accompanying" your child to any medical or health care appointment. The interpreter's role is to be a communication facilitator for each person at the medical or health care appointment.

  • Responsibility for the child's safety and wellbeing before, during and after a medical or health care appointment lies with the child's primary care giver and health care provider

  • NABS will process a booking for a child sign language user where the request is received from any of the following people

    • The child’s parent

    • The child’s primary carer (who has legal responsibility) such as a foster parent or member of their extended family

    • A medical or health care professional or their staff

  • NABS will assume that the medical or health care professional in conjunction with the child's parent or guardian will make the decision about proceeding with the appointment and will advise NABS if the appointment does not go ahead.

  • NABS will accept a booking for an appointment from a child 16 years of age and over.

  • NABS will seek the advice of a third party ie parent, guardian or care giver if a booking is received from a child under 16yrs of age. The responsibility for the appointment will rest with the third party. If NABS cannot contact the third party for some reason, cannot clearly verify the third party, or does not receive confirmation from a third party, NABS will not proceed with the booking.

  • NABS requests date of birth details from all sign language users who use our booking service.

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