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Common Questions For NABS

Q: What is NABS?
Q: Is NABS a free service?
Q: Where does NABS get its funding?
Q: How can I contact NABS?
Q: When can I contact NABS (NABS operating hours)?
Q: How do I book an interpreter?
Q: Can I have a NABS interpreter?
Q: Can I have a NABS interpreter at the hospital (Public and Private)?
Q: Do I need an interpreter?
Q: How do I become a NABS interpreter?
Q: What services does NABS cover (when can I use NABS)?
Q: Is NABS for kids?
Q: Is NABS only for Bulk Billed Appointments?
Q: Will NABS book my appointments for me?
Q: Will NABS cancel or change my appointments for me?
Q: Do I tell NABS if my appointment is cancelled?
Q: Can I book NABS for other appointments?
Q: What services are FREE for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?
Q: What is Video Remote Interpreting?
Q: What is Skype?
Q: What is Deaf Interpreting?
Q: What is the difference between a Deaf Interpreter (DI) and a Deaf Relay Interpreter (DRI)?
Q: What if a Doctor or health service says I don’t need an interpreter but I want to book one?
Q: How do I make a complaint?
Q: Does NABS keep my personal information confidential?
Q: What is NABS Privacy Statement?
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