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Nicole Foster's encounter with Deaf locals in Vietnam

Posted by Communications@NABS on 22 January 2013
Nicole Foster's encounter with Deaf locals in Vietnam

During the Christmas break Nicole Foster travelled to Vietnam with her family. During her travels, Nicole met a group of Deaf people working in a shop and was excited to learn she could communicate with them. Her children who also knew some signs were delighted to tell them their names, ages and jumped around like Kangaroos to tell them they were from Australia. Many signs are universal and the smiles on everyone’s face were priceless.

The shop was in a popular tourist destination at a stop on the way to Halong Bay. If other interpreters were to visit this particular spot, Nicole would encourage you to stop into the large hand crafted gift and marble statue warehouse. Many of the Deaf staff there were working on embroidered pictures.

Nicole had said a Deaf friend visited a few months earlier and told her about the group. The group have limited contact with others who can sign. Nicole thought it was a good idea to visit them.

Knowing sign language and being able to read people’s body language was a great tool for Nicole to have when communicating with people overseas.

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