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Importance of being an ASLIA Member

Posted by Communications@NABS on 20 December 2012
Importance of being an ASLIA Member
The importance of being a member of your professional Association peak body

Individuals who gain NAATI Auslan/English accreditation are strongly encouraged to become ASLIA members, to take advantage of on-going professional development, support and advice, as well as many other membership benefits. ASLIA membership is also open to other individuals with an interest in sign language interpreting, for example: students of Auslan and/or Auslan/English interpreting, Deaf (Relay) Interpreters, parents of Deaf children, Deaf consumers and organisations. For more information about ASLIA membership, go to the ASLIA

One obligation of gaining NAATI accreditation is that all practitioners will adhere to the professional Code of Ethics; for Auslan/English interpreters, this is the ASLIA Code of Ethics. A summary of the core values in the ASLIA Code of Ethics is presented below.

Values underlying the ASLIA Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct
1. Professional accountability: Accepting responsibility for professional decisions and actions.
2. Professional competence: Committing to provide quality professional service throughout one's practice.
3. Non-discrimination: Approaching professional service with respect and cultural sensitivity.
4. Integrity in professional relationships: Dealing honestly and fairly with participants and colleagues.
5. Integrity in business practices: Dealing honestly and ethically in all business practices.

Practitioners are to understand that each of these core values and accompanying sections are to be considered when making ethical and professional decisions in their identity and capacity as an interpreter. These values are of equal weight and importance.

Why join your professional association?

ASLIA recognises the importance of being connected to a professional association and as such, membership, among other things, offers the opportunity to be connected and stay abreast of latest developments, be involved in regular social activities and opportunities to network with other practitioners and members of the Deaf community. Other member benefits include access to policies and guidelines on various topics, including OH&S for sign language interpreters, and support when dealing with colleagues, consumers, agencies and service providers.

What’s in it for me?

ASLIA members can also enjoy regular professional development opportunities including online professional development, discounted registration to the ASLIA National Conference, and regular communications. In addition, ASLIA is a member of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters’ (WASLI). ASLIA is able to share WASLI membership benefits with members all over Australia.

Importantly, ASLIA has branches in all states which provide additional benefits to members. These six branches provide on the ground opportunities, support, and services to members. Each state branch offers a diverse range of benefits available to local members.

We believe ASLIA membership is a must for all practitioners and adds-value to the everyday working life experience of an Auslan/English interpreter.  Become an ASLIA Member today.


Contributed by ASLIA National.  Visit the ASLIA National Website here

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