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Ali Dowl shares her story on helping the Deaf Community in Tasmania

Written on the 17 March 2015 by Ali Dowl

Ali Dowl shares her story on helping the Deaf Community in Tasmania


I initially started work for NABS as a casual Interpreter in Melbourne, before taking on a full-time role in Tasmania at the end of 2008.

The thing that drew me to the role was the chance to return to my home state, Tasmania, and interpret for the Deaf community here. As a smaller community and Island, I have a diverse range of interpreting opportunities here.

Since starting with NABS, I have seen the service become well known and reliable - a trusted service in the Deaf community. It is reassuring for Deaf people that NABS has been consistently funded and allowed ongoing access.

Over the years, NABS has grown and developed several training initiatives to target regional Interpreters. Their commitment to regional services and training has helped people gain accreditation and expand the Interpreter pool in regional areas.

Access to quality Interpreters in the medical area has had a big impact on Deaf people. It results in better quality of health care and life. I would also say that NABS provides Deaf people with choice to book the Interpreter themselves if they wish. Many agencies do not consider who a client likes when they allocate Interpreters.

It is great to know that Deaf people can now access their GPs and many other services with an Interpreter.  Many Deaf people spent years writing notes with their Doctor, lip reading or "making do". They now have more clear communication and can have confidence they are getting full access and treatment.

Ali DowlAuthor:Ali Dowl
About: Professional Interpreter for NABS, Tasmania
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